Carol Zilla is an East London based designer-maker of handcrafted, ethically-made* jewellery.

Her designs are influenced by the flowing lines and curves of animal and bird silhouettes, and her current collection Urban Wild is inspired by the rich and varied wildlife of the Walthamstow marshes where she lives.

Carol Zilla's pieces are handmade in recycled sterling silver and hallmarked.  She also works in non-precious metals and gold on commission.
Carol Zilla is a member of the E17 Designers


* Carol Zilla sources recycled silver for her work and uses it whenever possible. Pieces made in sterling silver are made with 70 to 100% recycled material.
Carol Zilla also strives to minimise any harmful impact on the environment by reducing the use of chemicals and sourcing fairtrade raw materials. 

Please contact Carol Zilla if you would like further information about her environmental policy.

all designs © Carol Zilla 2010-17